It’s hard to believe that finals are over, which means my freshman year is officially done! Looking back, it seems like it all passed by so quickly. I learned a lot of things this year, from life lessons to physics to ways to find excuses to procrastinate and more! Out of the seemingly countless things I learned this year, I thought I’d share a few of them.

 1.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Up until college, school came very naturally to me and I rarely had to ask for help. At Mines, though, things changed. Asking for help became the norm for me, and the more I embraced that, the easier it was for me to finish my homework and the less frustrated with myself I was. Mines is a difficult school, so don’t make it harder on yourself by not asking for help! The professors and TA’s are all extremely helpful and will do their best to help you.

2.  Get out and have some fun!

Sure, Mines requires a lot of studying. But if all I ever did was study, I know I’d probably go crazy! Golden is so close to both Denver and nature at the same time, so whether you like hiking, shopping, going to movies, or more, there’s certainly time for that, and you deserve that time with all the work you put in!

3.  Don’t procrastinate.

Ah, procrastination. I was a professional procrastinator in high school, able to write a paper in one night with no problem or cram for a test in a few hours and to get an A on it just as easily. At Mines, it’s a different story. A lot more is expected of you, and while the workload is definitely doable, it also requires a lot more planning. If you plan ahead and start studying in advance, it’s really quite plausible for you to both achieve good grades as well as to have time for fun!

4.  Try new things!

I’ve got to say, I’ve had a lot of new experiences during this year alone. To celebrate the fact that finals were over, some friends and I went to a Rockies game, and it was my first baseball game! I also saw my first hockey game and enjoyed it immensely. Between those, sunrise hikes, movie premieres, and more, it’s definitely been a year of firsts. So don’t be afraid to try new things- you’ll gain awesome stories to tell as well as pretty awesome experiences!

5.  Believe in yourself.

Mines is a challenging school, as many people know. So when you do poorly on a test (it happens to most everyone at one time or another), it’s easy to get frustrated with yourself or to lose confidence. If you got into college, you certainly have the power to make it through! One bad test won’t kill your grades. You have to know you can do it and to believe that you can, and that will certainly give you confidence. And when I know I can do something, it’s a lot easier for me to do so than if I’m uncertain of my capabilities. So just believe in yourself, work hard, and you’ll make it through!

Now that my freshman year is officially done, and I’m sitting in the Denver airport waiting to go home, I still can’t really believe it’s over. Between sorority events, events with my floor, and all the crazy adventures and laughs I’ve had, I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

It’s crazy to think that there’s only one full month of school left. Freshman year has all but flown by!

March involved spring break, which everyone was insanely excited for, of course. My spring break involved lying on the couch sick the entire time, but if I had to be sick during break, at least I was sick at home!

Once I got back, it turned into a whirlwind of a month. From projects and tests galore, the school has certainly been keeping me busy. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t time for fun- there’s been plenty of that too!

Since it’s been so nice outside lately, my calculus teacher decided to make things a bit more interesting by having class outside and writing in chalk! It was such a beautiful day, it was a bit hard to pay attention, but it was really fun! We certainly had a lot of adventures battling the gusts of wind every now and then and trying to keep our places in our notebooks, but it made class a lot more entertaining.


Every Friday, the Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (MME) students offer something called “Free Pour Friday,” where you can go in and make a design out of metal for free! They have lots of different molds that you can use, from Mines logos to random animals like fish and lizards and more. Some friends and I decided to go last Friday, and I ended up making a dime that’s literally as big as my face!

It still needs to be sanded on the edges, so I’ll be going in a different week to do that, but I’m really happy with the results! Mines offers so many cool things for us to do, and since I won’t be in MME, it was really interesting to see some of the things they do (and we got to play with a lot of sand in the process!)


One of my friends’ fathers had tickets to the recent Nuggets vs Spurs game, and since he wasn’t able to use them, he gave them to her. A group of four of us went to the game, and we had seats in row 8! We were so close to the court! Between the amazing seats and the valet parking, we couldn’t help but joke, “It’s almost like we have money and we aren’t poor college students!” While getting seats that close, especially with valet parking isn’t exactly a common occurrence, we’re pretty close to Denver here, which means all kinds of opportunities for fun! From Nuggets basketball games to Avalanche hockey games and more, I’ve really enjoyed being so close to Denver and all the excitement it brings!

My sorority also had its formal at the Denver Aquarium this past weekend. We got to go through and see the fish, as well as eating dinner, dancing, and just having fun! It was an absolute blast, and a wonderful excuse to just go have fun! While Mines is certainly a lot of work, it’s easy to find time for fun as long as you’re managing your time well.

Family picture!


We found Nemo and Dory!

All in all, March was a pretty great month. And this upcoming weekend is E-Days, where we get a rare day off of school, along with other events like concerts, comedians, various competitions, field days, science demos, and more…. I’m so excited!

February, AKA the Whirlwind Month

Oh February, where have you gone? It’s crazy to think that I’m almost halfway done with my second semester of freshman year- it feels like I just came back from Christmas break!

It’s been a rather hectic month. From chem labs and tests and EPICS writings galore, I’ve had at least one test every single week this month! I’m definitely looking forward to a much more relaxing weekend ahead of me!

In my sorority, Sigma Kappa, we had our Big Sis/Little Sis reveal a few weeks ago! I was so excited to find out who my Big was! We’re both actually from the same hometown, which is crazy- it shows you what a small world it really is! I also have a Twin, meaning that we have the same Big, who lives on my floor. I love my Sigma Kappa family! Initiation is this Sunday, and I’m definitely looking forward to that because then I’ll be a full-fledged member of Sigma Kappa!

Me, Alexa (my Big), and Katherine (my Twin!)

About two weeks or so ago, one of my friends and I got bored one night and decided we wanted to go out for dinner. So we walked down to Woody’s Pizza and ate a LOT of food. The nice thing about downtown Golden is that there’s so many restaurants and lots of interesting stores to see! In particular, Woody’s is nice because it’s fairly inexpensive. Especially on their Monday college nights, where you can get pizza for pretty low prices! I definitely take advantage of that a lot! We had a great time.  

Me and Jennifer while waiting for our table at Woody’s!

This February, Mines is celebrating National Body Love Month. They’ve had lots of cool activities going on, and one of those was free henna tattoos! I got one in the Student Center yesterday and I absolutely love it! It’s so cool to see all of the different programs that Mines puts on for us- it lets us have fun in addition to all the work we have to do! They do a great job of providing us with a nice balance. For example, they’re putting on a showing of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire for us tonight! I’ve been looking forward to this all month, so I’m really excited!


The finished henna tattoo on my forearm!

These are honestly just a few of the highlights I could write about. And as much as I’d like to go on, I’ve got an EPICS class awaiting me. Adios February, and hello March and spring break!

January: Freshman Year, Part Two

Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

So it’s been a bit crazy coming back from winter break, where there was no physics or calculus imminently present in my life. Getting back into my normal routine has been a bit of a challenge, but, as always, there’s still time for fun amidst all the usual Mines chaos!

Probably one of the best parts of a new semester is getting your new schedule and meeting new people. In this instance, I was rather excited to get my schedule, because I only have two days with early mornings instead of four! For someone who isn’t exactly a morning person, it’s rather nice to not have to wake up at 7:30am almost every day. I feel so much more rested!

Among the new classes I’m taking this semester is EPICS. EPICS, if you don’t know what it is, is basically an engineering design class. Students are provided with a real client and have to go through the steps of the engineering design process. Of course, all of us were practically dying to know what we’re going to spend the next four or five months working on, and we ended up with basically the best project ever… A TOY! Our toy is supposed to relate to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, which, as Mines students, those fields are our fortés!

The professor had us do a team building exercise to see who could build the tallest tower out of paper and a small amount of tape. Although my group’s tower wasn’t the tallest, I can say without a doubt that it was the most creative! We made a giant Space Needle out of paper! And we were pretty stinking proud of it too!

One of the other major highlights of this semester so far has been doing spring rush for a sorority. Formal recruitment takes place during the fall for Greek Life, but due to other circumstances I was not able to complete formal recruitment this past fall. One of my friends mentioned to me that her sorority, Sigma Kappa, was looking for new members to join this spring. They held a cookie-baking night up at the house as an informal recruitment event, and after going to that, the next day I got a bid!

I am so happy that I get a chance to be a part of the Greek Life on campus. In the short amount of time I’ve been involved in it, I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people that I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to talk to otherwise. They are all so wonderful!

This is a picture of my small, but exceptionally awesome, pledge class for spring 2014! Loving Sigma Kappa already!

And with just a few of many highlights so far, Physics 2 homework demands my attention. So now it’s off to studying voltage and electric fields with a nice cup of hot chocolate for me!